The Northland Tech Cluster was formed on 8. Feb 2019 in Whangarei.

Members are organisations and individuals from Tai Tokerau with an interest in technology and digitisation.

Everyone is welcome to join or come along for our monthly networking meetings.

Our Vision

Bring together like minded Northlanders to utilize technology for economic and social wealth” by bi-monthly networking, helping each other, sharing knowledge & equipment (like CNC, surface mount machine, 3D printer… for small runs/ prototypes), joined internship/ upskilling for local talent, produce & consume tech solutions locally (buy Northland first) and where possible work together collaboratively as Team Northland…


The Northland Tech ecosystem

needs proper mapping.  Here is an initial overview of tech related organisations working in this space.

  • Education
    • tertiary educators: NorthTec, University of Auckland, Massey
    • independent educators: Software Developers Institute, People Potential, TechnoHackers
  • Tech Customers/ Developers
    • local/ regional government: FNDC, KDC, WDC, NRC, NDHB
    • industry: RNZ, GBC, CHH,
    • Engineering: McKay Electrical, BdX,Culham Engineering, Donavan Engineering
    • Consultants: WSP Opus
  • Tech Developers
    • Audit Assistant – accounting software
    • CruzPro – electrical engineering
    • Mahuta – software development
    • N3T – autonomous vehicle technology


Northland Tech Cluster organisational team

  • Bert van den Berg (CruzPro)
  • Dave Bennett (Inventor’s Club)
  • Martin Knoche (N3T)


We need YOU

If you like to contribute to achieving the vision of the Northland Tech Cluster, please contact us.



We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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