8. Dec 2020: Climate Change – Special

Since the first vaccines seem to be almost ready, it is time to focus on our generation’s biggest challenge, Climate Change and what each of us can do. Please join us for a Climate Change Action Special with our two first speakers dialing in from Bremerhaven, in Northern Germany and from Auckland.

1) Dr. Kirstin Schulz (Mathematican & Oceanographer at AWI Polar Research Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany)

Kirstin was part of the epic MOSAIC year long expedition on RV POLARSTERN  to the Artic Ocean. This is the biggest international oceanographic research project since the Geophysical Year 1959 and involved over 200 researchers from around the world. Kirsten will report on many polar bear encounters, the impact of changes in the Artic Ocean to the global climate and its impact on the Southern Ocean and Aotearoa.
As a side note, Martin worked on the same research vessel in Antarctica decades ago and published on the Antarctic Bottom Water which impacts the bulk of the deep water ocean and therefore the overall ocean climate.

2) Rob Willighagen (Technical Superintendant at Ports of Auckland)

Rob will talk about the world’s first electric tugboat, electric/ autonomous container straddlers, onshore power for ships and other sustainability projects at Ports of Auckland.

3) Bernadette Aperahama (Whangarei District Council’s Climate Change Ambassador)
Update on WDC/ NRC’s Climate Change Action plan and small hands-on workshop on how we can all contribute to reduce the global warming impacts with daily habit changes.

4) Announcements by anyone in the audience on relevant events or news  are encouraged.

5) Networking & Improvement Feedback

The key goal of the December event is to meet at least two people you didn’t know before and learn more about what you can do every day to assist to reduce the climate change impacts in our community.

Please bring a friend & colleague/s.

MOSAIC Arctic expedition in numbers

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