First online Tech Cluster

Due to the global pandemic we will host our next Tech Cluster Meeting online on 10. June from 5pm.

Will the exponential publishing of COVID19 research change the way how research will be done ??? Economist (from 07/05/2020)

Our agenda at this stage is the following

  • collecting your topics to discuss
  • local speakers
    • Lawrence Levine, CEO of online collaboration and running a global start-up from Northland
    • Martin Knoche, CEO of N3T: Computer Vision & AI 101
    • Michael Zehnpfennig, Climate Activist: Antarctica and its role in Climate Change, Implications for Tai Tokerau
  • networking

As usual we will have questions and networking after the talks. If you like to present, know another local with a cool story to tell and/or have topics you like to get covered, please contact us. The Northland Tech Cluster is for you and the wider community.

Please spread the word and join us on the 10. June from 5pm by clicking on:

We hope to move back to face-2-face networking events mid year.


Enjoy your day …