Fourth Tech Cluster event – 5. June

For this tech cluster on 5. June we were hosted at Whangarei’s StrandLab.  This is a pop up collaboration and art space in 49 Cameron Street. Luckily we organised enough chairs, sofas etc. to seat the twenty five visitors..

The June Topics & Speakers were

  • “Listening to vibes, acoustic testing of electric equipment”  by Andreas Gabler from Northpower
  • “Growth Mindsets”  by Educationalist Nigel Studdart
  • Mixed reality art by Kim Nowall
  • 3D opportunities by Daniel Jaeger from BetaFormSolutions


Andreas talked about a cool directional microphone which can pick up faults on power lines, including high Transpower lines. Someone in the audience suggested to explore to put a permanent audio monitor on key power poles and only send alerts if thresholds are surpassed. If you are engineer who can help design a practical extension to the existing solution, please contact Andreas at Northpower.

Nigel gave a motivational presentation on the growth mindset, quoted a few learning experiences across his multiple careers as a scientist, hippie, captain, manager of super yachts, farmer and educationalist.  His key message: start with something, try to make it work or fail fast, re-iterate and try again.


Also check out Carol Dweck’s TedTalk on the power of not yet. Meaning if you can’t do it now, that doesn’t mean you can’t but just you can’t do it, yet. Keep trying and you will get there. This has huge impact on how we educate our kids. Streaming them into careers at a too young age isn’t likely to work in the current move towards a gig economy. To be successful in a fast changing world, we need to adapt fast. A growth mindset is a huge asset.


We had a great discussion on how to better connect innovators in Northland to each other. Running events with Creative  Northland, NorthChamber, the Digital Tech Group, Northland Inc, the Innovator’s Club, IPENZ, the monthly Flying Kiwi Business Advisory et al is seen has a great approach to cross-pollinate and inspire each other to go for it and try harder.

Thanks again to Maggie & Kim from the StrandLab Team for hosting us.


Our next tech cluster meeting will be in August/ September. It was suggested to include a 3D printing workshop and an update on drones for surveying.

If you are knowledgeable in this area or do know someone who is, please contact us.

If you have a cool technology you like to talk about, recommend someone who would be an another awesome speaker or have a tech problem you like to get solved, please contact us.

Again, many thanks for your excellent patronage and support,

Martin, Dave & Team

Keep doing cool stuff. Northland rocks !!!


PS: If anyone who reads this post knows how to integrate a Calendar and Directory easily into WordPress, please contact us and help to make this site a great community resource.